Vegetation fire near Emigrant Lake

Multiple fire units are responding to a fire in the middle or east side of Emigrant Lake, reported at 8:05PM (Monday, August 7). Observers on the west side can see the smoke, which seems to be moving north. A small thunderstorm appears to have provided some rain on or near the fire.

Update 9:33PM: Fire crews still busy working the fire. “A lot” of smoke still visible from near the lake.

Update 9:43PM: We expect this will be an overnight operation. Please stay away from the area (if you don’t need to go there) as fire vehicles are likely to be moving on 66 and nearby roads. Other fires have occurred today in southwest Oregon, including a 10-acre fire near Lost Creek Lake.

Update 8 August 10:05AM: No more smoke from this incident is visible from the west side of the lake. Thanks to Ashland Fire, District 5, and ODF for their effective response! For updates on other fires, see the aiiee twitter list (at right).