Why it got a little smoky today

I noticed fog-like hazy smoke in the Tolman Creek / Siskiyou Boulevard area this evening around 6:00PM. Chris Chambers of Ashland Fire and Rescue has the explanation:

Some smoke slipped down the hill into town earlier today and then blew away just after noon for the most part…and then came back down after sunset, mostly at the south end of town. Expect some smoke to linger Friday and possibly Saturday before a wet system forecasted for Saturday night should put an end to most, if not all of the lingering smoke. Sorry for the brief smokiness, but we’re getting good conditions and need to take advantage in order reduce fire danger to better protect town and the watershed from a summer wildfire. Last season netted only three days of burning and we fell way behind. Crews are patrolling the burn areas all week and burning additional acres if allowed by smoke regulators and on site weather conditions. There are no road or trail closures, but expect smoke if you’re hiking or biking up the hill. Thanks for your patience.