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Prescribed Burns are back

Prescribed Under Burn

On Tuesday, May 10th the City of Ashland, the US Forest Service and Lomaktsi Restoration Project will conduct a controlled burn just below the White Rabbit Trailhead on City forestland. The 25 acre burn is for forest health and community wildfire protection. Smoke clearance was granted by the State of Oregon and smoke is predicted to move away from town during the day. Some lingering smoke may drift into town, especially toward the evening hours. Smoke sensitive residents along Ashland Creek are urged to close their windows during evening hours on Tuesday night.

The White Rabbit trailhead will be closed for the day due to burn traffic and hoses laid across trails. This includes the Alice in Wonderland trail, BTO, Red Queen, and Jabberwocky trails. Burning will likely continue this week so check back for updates on closed roads and trails.

New Closure – West Side of Watershed Closure Started May 9th

As of May 9th, some trails and roads in the Ashland Watershed are closed to the public.

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Posted by Paul Collins on Mon, 9 May 2016

Busy weeks ahead for CERT and emergency preparation


There’s much about to happen as I write this on a quiet, warm Saturday…

  • CERT Basic Training starts Thursday, April 21 and concludes with the final exercise on Saturday May 7 (+ graduation May 15). We have an over-capacity signup. Usually there are some no-shows and the class ends up at a manageable size by final exercise day. It takes 15 CERT volunteers to put it on – I hope to see many of them at Monday’s planning meeting.
  • ODOT has a Traffic Incident Management class next week.
  • AHA HeartSaver First Aid/CPR course Saturday, April 30.
  • The Red Cross is holding a shelter training for us May 3. It will be very valuable to Ashland City employees and CERT members to get the training from the sheltering experts.
  • Our monthly CERT lunch is Thursday May 5 11:30AM, probably at the Breadboard again. It’s on the first Thursday of even months, first Sunday of odd months, so no excuses that the schedule doesn’t work for you :-).
  • The ongoing Emergency Prepared Business program is May 10 10:00 AM at Station 1. Emergency Operations and Continuity Plans are key.
  • Base Bike Ride May 15 – this is easy and fun, come on out and tour around with us!
  • We might even manage a phone tree test in May

The calendar with all CERT events is viewable at our Google site To subscribe with your own calendar software, see instructions there.

Posted by Paul Collins on Sat, 16 Apr 2016

Controlled burn today

Forest Service fire personnel will be burning at least a few of the big piles left over from the 2012 and 2013 helicopter thinning work. These “landing piles” are limbs and tops of trees that couldn’t be dealt with in any other way, though more than half of the total biomass from these landing piles was either chipped and left in place (like at White Rabbit) or chipped and hauled off to Biomass One in White City. The remaining piles were not accessible to the BIG chipper used to grind the wood. You may see smoke from town and on the west side of the watershed around No Candies or Horn Gap Trails on Friday. Keep the rain and snow coming!


Chris Chambers / Forest Division Chief

Posted by Paul Collins on Fri, 4 Dec 2015

Why it got a little smoky today

I noticed fog-like hazy smoke in the Tolman Creek / Siskiyou Boulevard area this evening around 6:00PM. Chris Chambers of Ashland Fire and Rescue has the explanation:

Some smoke slipped down the hill into town earlier today and then blew away just after noon for the most part…and then came back down after sunset, mostly at the south end of town. Expect some smoke to linger Friday and possibly Saturday before a wet system forecasted for Saturday night should put an end to most, if not all of the lingering smoke. Sorry for the brief smokiness, but we’re getting good conditions and need to take advantage in order reduce fire danger to better protect town and the watershed from a summer wildfire. Last season netted only three days of burning and we fell way behind. Crews are patrolling the burn areas all week and burning additional acres if allowed by smoke regulators and on site weather conditions. There are no road or trail closures, but expect smoke if you’re hiking or biking up the hill. Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Paul Collins on Thu, 12 Nov 2015

Controlled burn November 3rd, more burns to come in AFR project

Controlled burning of brush piles will take place NOVEMBER 3RD on the west side of the Ashland Watershed above Granite Street as part of the fuels reduction and forest restoration efforts of the AFR Project. Smoke may be visible from parts of town throughout the day. Although no roads or trails will be closed, recreationalists should use caution due to potential smoke impacts and truck traffic on the 2060 Road/Ashland Loop Road from Granite and Glenview Dr beyond the yellow gate up to the 2060-200 road out to the bottom of Horn Gap trail.

This is the first of an increasing number burn projects to come as air quality conditions allow through next spring. Due to limited opportunities to safely burn piles over the last two seasons, a backlog of nearly 1,500 acres has accumulated. Pile burning is a key step in the process of reducing fire danger in the city’s watershed. Fire managers will try to burn smaller acreages more frequently this year, hoping to make a dent in the backlog. 74 acres are on tap for Tuesday and burning will continue if smoke management conditions are met through the week. We’ll send notifications for larger burn projects or as needed if burns will affect trails. The project webpage will have current information on the homepage.

Information regarding burning is recorded on the City of Ashland Smoke and Wildfire Hotline at 541-552-2490 and at AFR Facebook page

Notice provided by Chris Chambers, Forest Division Chief, Ashland Fire & Rescue

Posted by Paul Collins on Mon, 2 Nov 2015

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