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Smoky underburn in Siskiyou Mountain Park

The smoke in the hills southwest of Ashland is quite visible at the moment. An underburn in Siskiyou Mountain Park, in the hills south of Walker Avenue, was scheduled and is the apparent source of the smoke. We have not seen any fire dispatches at this time, so that indicates no problems.

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Smoke and Wildfire info hotline: (541) 552-2490

Posted by Paul Collins on Tue, 9 May 2017

Flood Watch for tonight (1/7/16) and Sunday in Medford and Ashland

With snow on the ground, heavy rain is forecast to combine with melting snow, which may cause local flooding late Saturday night (1/7) through Sunday night, according to a Flood Watch posted by NWS.

Here at the southeastern, more elevated part of Ashland, snow continues to fall at this writing. But this is turning to freezing rain across the Rogue Valley, causing hazardous, slippery driving, and a new storm with lots of rain is expected to start tonight. Rain will continue through at least Tuesday.

Posted by Paul Collins on Sat, 7 Jan 2017

Major Storm Thursday through Saturday (Oct 13-15, 2016)

A significant, possibly historic rain and wind storm in Oregon is now forecast by the National Weather Service. Starting Thursday, two back-to-back storms will pass through the region.

In Ashland, 2.65 inches of rain are forecast Wed PM to Monday AM. Thursday we expect 1” of rain in 24 hours, with wind gusts Thursday Evening to 39 mph. Saturday 11AM-4PM, winds 38 mph gusting to 51 mph (forecast with medium confidence).

Conditions at the Oregon Coast could include near-hurricane force winds. The Weather Service says this has a potential (not definite) to be similar to the historic Columbus Day Storm of 1962. Snow is not expected except at the highest elevations, such as Crater Lake.

NWS Area Forecast Discussion

NWS Ashland point forecast

Ashland CERT’s in-progress basic training is scheduled to conclude Saturday. Preparations are being made to deal with the weather. Neighbors, when your forecaster feels the need to define “explosive cyclogenesys,” it’s time to batten down the hatches.

Please make preparations for a significant storm, and monitor developing weather forecasts as the storms approach.

Posted by Paul Collins on Wed, 12 Oct 2016

Grass/brush fire between Mistletoe and Crowson roads

[Update 7:56PM:] City of Ashland reported at 3:15PM that the fire was 4 to 5 acres, had threatened structures and caused evacuation of a few homes before being knocked down. Since then visible smoke from the fire has essentially ceased.

Crowson fire from Paul Collins on Vimeo.

Multiple fire agencies are responding to a grass and brush fire south of Ashland on the north side of Siskiyou Boulevard, between Mistletoe and Crowson Roads. It is well away from neighboorhoods along Tolman Creek Road. Three helicopters have been dropping water on the fire, starting about 1:30PM.

Roads in the area may be closed, and as always, stay away from the area and out of the way of fire workers.

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Posted by Paul Collins on Sat, 27 Aug 2016

Prescribed Burns are back

Prescribed Under Burn

On Tuesday, May 10th the City of Ashland, the US Forest Service and Lomaktsi Restoration Project will conduct a controlled burn just below the White Rabbit Trailhead on City forestland. The 25 acre burn is for forest health and community wildfire protection. Smoke clearance was granted by the State of Oregon and smoke is predicted to move away from town during the day. Some lingering smoke may drift into town, especially toward the evening hours. Smoke sensitive residents along Ashland Creek are urged to close their windows during evening hours on Tuesday night.

The White Rabbit trailhead will be closed for the day due to burn traffic and hoses laid across trails. This includes the Alice in Wonderland trail, BTO, Red Queen, and Jabberwocky trails. Burning will likely continue this week so check back for updates on closed roads and trails.

New Closure – West Side of Watershed Closure Started May 9th

As of May 9th, some trails and roads in the Ashland Watershed are closed to the public.

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Posted by Paul Collins on Mon, 9 May 2016

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